Event Period

Mon April 10th 12:00 PM KST ~ Sun April 16th 23:59 PM KST

Winner Announcement: 

Winners will be announced on our website (www.kpopmusictownla.com) and on our Instagram (@kpopmusictownla) on Monday April 17th at 6:00 PM KST.

The winners are ...

  • Kimberly Delgadillo
  • Nathan Gonzalez
  • Faith Munoz
  • Amanda Mrozek
  • Zimo Wu
  • Lizbeth Ruiz Sanchez
  • Scarlet Mendez
  • Gawa Kim
  • Emily Martorella
  • Adena Chernosky

Please check your emails for further instructions!

Thank you to everyone else who participated in this event. We hope that you will continue to support TAN and be on the lookout for further events similar to this hosted by us!


 **This event may be partially changed or canceled without prior notice depending on the circumstances.**

How to Participate:

  • Purchase the album below during the event time period.
  • Each album purchase counts as one entry.
  • 10 winners will be drawn RANDOMLY.
  • Name of the winners should match the name of the account

Join the event:

Special Event: TAN | 티에이엔 | 1st Anniversary Special Album [ ESSEGE ] Meta Album Video Call Event

 For any inquiries, please contact us through the following options:

  • Phone: +1 (213) 858-3928 (10AM - 7:30PM PST)
  • Email: kpopmusictown.order@gmail.com

Event Exclusive Benefits:

  • ALL APPLICANTS BENEFIT: 1 random unreleased photocard out of 7 types per album purchase.
  • WINNERS BENEFIT: 1 signed photocard (member random), Video Call Event with all 7 members on Friday April 21st, 2023 18:00 PM KST / 2:00 AM PST
  • An artist fansign event held via video call for a predetermined period (1 minute per member / total 7 minutes).
  • Video calls are held on KakaoTalk only.
  • Winners will be notified via KakaoTalk message before the call.
  • Video calls can only be made to the KakaoTalk video call function that is provided after consenting to personal data collection. (Changes cannot be made after entry.


  • This event is an online event conducted via video call (KAKAOTALK).
  • Winners must prepare a mobile phone capable of video call in advance and check their network connection.
  • Video calls can only be made with the mobile phone number or KAKAOTALK ID which is entered when applying for the event. The duration of the video calls are the same for every winner. (Changes cannot be made after entry)
  • If you do not answer the phone more than 2 times, you will not be able to proceed, so please check the event schedule and apply only to those who can participate.
  • Please note that if two or more people participate in the video call, the call will be forcibly stopped by the staff. 
  • If the video call is deemed inappropriate, your participation may be denied.
  • For a smooth process of the event, participation maybe be restricted by the staff if the call is considered as interfering the progress of the event other than the notices .
  • During the video call event, recording or live streaming on SNS is not allowed.
  • "TO __ ," in the signed album can only be signed with the real name (Korean or English) written at the time of application.
  • Please note that post-it questions are not processed during the event so that you can focus on the conversation with the members for a limited time.
  • We ask for your understanding in advance that members may not attend due to unavoidable circumstances or schedules and notice of non-participation may be announced immediately before the event.


  • If you place multiple orders during the event period, the total quantity purchased will equal the number of entries made per account (based off email).
  • Example: 3 albums purchased on day 1 ; 5 albums purchased on day 2
  • Total 8 albums purchased during event period -> Automatically entered 8 times
  • If selected as a winner, KPOP MUSIC TOWN will contact you via email for further information.
  • Persons receiving personal information: THINK Entertainment, KPOP MUSIC TOWN
  • Collected items: name, date of birth, contact information, address ,
    KAKAOTALK ID , ID card/passport photo
  • Purpose of collection: Event process and management
  • Usage period: Until the end of the event and the purpose of use is achieved
  • Names that do not match identification are not accepted.
  • We are not responsible for disadvantages that occur from incorrect names.
  • All purchased albums will be shipped sequentially after the event ends.
  • This event is subject to change and termination without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • This product contains an event entry ticket. Cancellations and returns for change of mind are not accepted after winner announcement.
  • All purchased albums on KPOP MUSIC TOWN are counted on Hanteo chart and Circle chart.

[Cautions for Winners]

  • Be sure to check the order of the winners in the announcement before the signing event.
  • We'll notify you in advance by sending a KakaoTalk message before the video call.
  • If you don't answer the phone more than once, the order will be transferred to the next winner, so be sure to answer the call.
  • Please note that if the winner does not end the call, the call may be forced to end.