** Poster NOT included ** 

✰How long will my shipment take to arrive?
Depending on the availability of the order,  it should take at least 2-8 business days.

✰How long will it take for an in store item to be ready? 
Usually, it takes up to 2-3 business days for our staffs to prepare in store pick up orders. You will receive an email regarding the status of your pick up. Please make sure to wait until you receive an email from our end before you plan a visit to the store. 

✰Can I use my online points in store/ use my in store rewards card online? 
No, you won't be able to redeem any online points towards any purchases that are done in store. (vice versa) 

✰Do you guys do price - match? 
No, we do not offer price match.  You will have to complete the purchase online and wait for a confirmation email to come by for in store pick up 

✰If I place an order for numerous items, will I receive them separately ?
If your order contains a pre-order item, the shipment will be shipped out once the ALL of the items are available. If you need certain items before others, please make a separate order.

✰Will my order come with a poster ?
Your order will not come with a poster unless you picked the option that comes with a poster.

✰Will I receive pre-order benefits with my purchase? 
If we do offer pre-order benefits, it will be listed under the description portion of the pre-order prodcuts.
✰Does  my poster come in the same box as my albums?
Yes. If you choose to get the poster, it will be folded and ship with the albums. We don't offer posters in tubes anymore.
✰If my package has damaged or missing albums (contents as well) will I get exchange?
Only if you record a video from opening. We do mistake and we need an record of it. So, please record a unboxing video and send to us.
✰What if I get an incorrect albums?
Please DO NOT open it. We will ask you to send the sealed album back to us. And we will send the correct one out to you. If you open it up, sorry but we cannot exchange to the correct one.



No cancellation or exchanges or refunds will be made under any circumstances. In terms of that please make sure that your addresses and your shipping methods are accurate. 

Missing and Damaged Items

We need unboxing video as a proof for our record. Only if you record a unboxing video and send us an email with it, we will exchange to the new one. We will ask you to send the damaged item back, so please DO NOT open it up.

Sale Items

All the items will be FINAL SALE. No refund or exchange process will be taken in place. There will be no exceptions. 

In-Store Pick Up

For pick up customers, you will be receiving two emails in total indicating status of your order. Please wait until you receive the 2nd email stating that your order is ready for pick up. It does take from 1 to 3 business days for our department to prepare and send out the 2nd email.

We will NOT release any of items without the confirmation email

* We will hold onto pick up order for 90 days, after that period it will back in store stock and our department will issue a refund and cancel the order. However, there will be $15 restocking fee. *

Shipping Policy

Shipping will be placed after 2-3 business days, however if your item contains pre-order items , the order will be shipped once the products are in our warehouse. It usually takes 2-3 business days as well to get the items from Korea to us from the released date.

Orders that include items that are not considered media by USPS may have a chance to be returned to us. In the case that this occurs, the customer will have to pay for shipping once again, so we would recommend you choose the priority mail option when ordering items that are not considered media as stated on their website:

Once our department has dropped off the package with our carrier, there's a limited access. Therefore, if there's any problem please try to contact the carrier directly. If you choose Media Mail as your shipping method, we will not be responsible for lost or damaged packages once they have been sent out to USPS.


 ** COVID-19 UPDATE ** 

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 we are informed by our postal service partners, that shipments and tracking may experience heavy delays. Especially poster tubes, since its shape and shipping method, media mail. We encourage you to track your package via your confirmation tracking number.

This also means the original date of the pre-order items has been delayed and that our crew will start packing your orders as the items arrives to our warehouse.

** For customer service responses may take up to 3 to 4 business days due to high volume. Our representatives will respond in the order it was received.  ** 


We currently do not ship outside the U.S, to a shipping center, or to P.O. Box (As of August, 2020). Orders with a shipping center or a P.O. Box will be automatically canceled.


We apologize for any inconvenience.  

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