Which album will let me participate in the event? 

This One!

Where can I find the event details?


Until when can I buy the album?

The event goes on until May 25th (05/25) 11:59 PM KST (7:59 AM PST). 

What if I buy the album after the time period has ended? Will I still be able to participate?

No. Any purchase towards the event album will not be counted after the aforementioned deadline (May 25th, 11:59 KST). If you do purchase the album (the one specifically for the event) after the deadline, you will still receive the album itself, but your name will not be counted towards the event. 

Will my name be written on the album?

Yes! Your name will be written on the album. It will be written as "to: [your name]

How many winners will there be?

20 winners!

If I buy more albums do I have a bigger chance of winning?

Yes, you do! Each album counts as one entry!

Does this mean that I can win two albums?

No. To be fair to everyone and because there is a limit to how many signed albums we can provide, we've decided that there will not be duplicate winners.

If I bought NINE.i | 나인아이 | 1st Mini Album [ NEW WORLD ] (not linked to the event), will it count towards the event?

No, it will not. You must buy from the "NINE.i | 나인아이 | 1st Mini Album [ NEW WORLD ] (VIDEO CALL EVENT)" version. Purchases from the other product page will NOT count towards the event. 

If I didn't win, can I get a refund for the albums I purchased? 

No, not winning will not qualify as a valid excuse for a refund/exchange.